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2012: Fabio on tour promoting the Healthy Planet Products - catch up with him on the Fan Club site

REVIEWS ARE IN: The NewOldSpice promotion was a wild success.

2011: The - EIGHT YouTube Videos - choose your favorite!

Fabio leaning over

First four: (Yes - very cheesy tongue-in-cheek - of which Fabio is a master)

Are they working? The product is flying off store shelves. You figure it out.


Fabio  Old  Spice Piano Faio Old Spice Hair

Fabio mountian top Old Spice Fabio Old SPice Fireplace

Next four:

Mesmerize Fabio Lightening Fabio

Fun Times Fabio Message in a bottle Fabio

OLD SPICE PRINT ADS (2011) --- WOW! The fans are into these!

Featured on "Best Ads on TV" - I want a poster of the first one-------

Fabio Komoto Fabio FIJI Fabio MATT

See the (fan club) site for more updates......



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