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Date: October 2007
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Fabio News - Forbes - Fortune - - BRANDWEEK - LIVING BRANDS (PDF) - Chicago Tribune
ICBINB! (I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!) Multi-Year Ad Campaign

Forbes Article Fortune - Clothing Line AdAge AdAge Brandweek Living Brands Chicago Trib

OralB Web Promotion (2006) - Boston Harold - ADWEEK - and ....

OralB Opening Screen ORalB Art Boston Harold AdWeek

......Billboard on Madison Avenue Times Square on Valentine's Day - the "Media Chicks"

OralB "Story" OralB ArtOralB Art Times Square

Superbowl Ad - Nationwide Insurance (2006) - USA Today (2) - ABC News - OK - and .....

Feathers COmmercial - USA Today ABC News - SuperBowl USA Today - Superbowl Ad OK - Superbowl Ad

.... 10 Story Billboard at the Home Office - Stopping Traffic

One Panel - Nationwide 10-story billboard Billboard at Night CLips from the Ad Fabio in Gondola Fabio at 90

Fabio - On The View with Barbara Walters - and On the Geek Squad (PDF)

The View Fan Club Geek Squad

News Articles - Various

French Interview French Interview button-sexy

People Magazine

People 2001 People Article People Cover


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