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Date:July 2017

Office Address -

Address for an Autographed Photo

Fabio, Inc.
c/o Eric Ashenberg
4712 Admiralty Way, #1110
Marina Del Rey, CA. 90292

Need to contact his agent via email? I can forward your professional contact request.
(This includes valid charities.)

  • eMail the webmaster and state your interest and contact information.

  • Please put FABIO in the Subject line - someplace. So you don't go into a SPAM folder.
    This will be forwarded to the office.

    Note: I do not provide either their eMail address or phone number
    unless instructed to do so by the office.

FANS! - Send SNAILMail To the above address

Including requests for autographed Photos

Want an autographed photo? Follow these directions:

You need to send two things:

  1. Write them (The office) a note to request an autographed photo

  2. You need to send them a postage-paid SAE (self-addressed envelope)
    big enough to hold a photo - 9x11 envelope would do it
    1. POSTAGE ON THE ENVELOPE must be correct (non-USA is not part of this)
    3. Yes, To mail to him you can fold the SAE
    4. No SAE - No Postage - No Reply

No, they do not email fans or call them or send mail out unless it's a photo as requested
and for which you sent a SELF-ADDRESSED and POSTAGE PAID envelope.

What if you have a photo you want him to autograph?

  1. Do everything as listed above - except add your chosen photo into the package you send him
    and make your request clear that you would like the autograph to be on the enclosed photo.

What if you want to send something bigger than a photo?
Or send to a non-USA destination?

This takes a lot of email to make arrangements and is rare and there is a limit to what the office can do.

Expect it to be expensive. Shipping costs, etc. You are responsible for all shipping and handling. Think twice.

Non-USA - find a friend in the states and work out mailing with them. (Seriously)

Shipping something into Canada can be a problem. (VAT)

Be reasonable people!



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